Have you seen the movie ‘THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY’ ?  The name Ranmanujan is well known by many mathematicians, but not the common crowd. I had neither known of him or how to speak his name.

Ranmanujan realized something commonly thought of as unknowable. With effort he helped make it less distant.  With the research of Robert Kanigel which inspired the filmmaker, infinity is introduced to our hearts. Truly moved, I now know of Ranmanujan, and here is some of the trail of my research for the who, the what and the why . . .

  • Srinivasa Ranmanujan wiki
  • The Man Who Knew Infinity  movie review in Peter Woit’s blog, ‘Not Even Wrong‘ Prof. Woit notes that the filmmaker was inspired by
  • Robert Kanigel’s excellent 1991 biography of the same name The  film took 10yrs to make due to financial difficulties. One major, potential financier wanted a plot change to include a romance with an English nurse played by their starlet and was rejected.  Thank you Mr. Filmmaker.
  • Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Physics and Mathematics by Peter Woit 2015
    • In his conclusion . . . Such a theory by itself would not say anything about most of the rich phenomena that mathematicians study, but would just indicate the existence of a distinguished point in the space of all mathematical structures. The nature of this point might however shed light on some new connections between such structures.
      • And I would add . . . yes, indeed.

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